AccountRigth 2014.4.16.7861 Out of Ballance error

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AccountRigth 2014.4.16.7861 Out of Ballance error



I have been reconcileing one of my accounts quite happily, but then on the lattest it is out by ove $2000.00 ! I have undone the last three (which did ballance) and now they are all out by up to $8000.00. My balances are usually around $200.00. I have had this a few times.


Why did it ballance OKay and then all of a sudden on my last reconsile be out by so much?

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Re: AccountRigth 2014.4.16.7861 Out of Ballance error

Hi @Jaden


Generate a Balance Sheet (not a trial balance) for the end of the next financial year and check if the Net Assets figure is equal to Equity. I always recommend this check before trying to undo old reconciliations etc. This is because if Net Assets does not equal Equity, this indicates a corruption in the file, which is the most likely cause of a previously reconciled amount now being out of balance. A corruption that happens in March 2017 can affect a reconciliation dated say 31 Jan 2017. This is due to how MYOB makes its calculations to reconciled balances. Such a corruption will need to be fixed by MYOB.


If net assets does agree with Equity, then the next most likely cause for an out of balance is someone (not necessarily you) has deleted or edited a previously reconciled transaction. To eliminate this, after completing a reconciliation, one suggestion is to set the Locked period under Setup > Preferences > Security to the day after the date of reconciliation to prevent anyone making changes to that period.








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