Backdated Stockcount

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Backdated Stockcount

When we implemented myob for 2016, it was already August and by the time for year-end Stockcount (Financial Year Jan-Dec), we haven't finished posting Purchase & Sales Invoices. So, we had our Stockcount but not yet posted into myob. Afterwards we started postings in 2017.

However, when we tried to post Count Inventory, it seems that the records show the current figures, not fhat of Dec. Is there a correct way to record stocktake using stockcunt figures & yet get the actual quantity and amount as at current date? Tq.

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Re: Backdated Stockcount

Hi @fauzi


I see you are posting from Malaysia, while we welcome your contribution to this MYOB Community Forum the primary aim of this forum is supporting the Australian and New Zealand based MYOB programs. If you are using a different countries program I would recommend contact the software provider in your area - for Malaysia this is now Abss


In terms of the Australian and New Zealand program, the inventory quantities and values are current at the time and are based on the transactions on the file. This does mean that if you do a stock take you are best to adjust the inventory for that date as you can't backdate that for an older date. For example if I count the stock at the end of March, a sell one of those items in the middle of April, if I went to do a count inventory transactions for the end of April it will not have March's values but the new values which would include the sale of that item in mid-April.


If you do a stock take I would recommend ensuring that you do record a Count Inventory on that same day. If that is not possible, you would need to clearly track what items you ordered and sold to manually adjust the inventory levels in count so that you can enter that information into your Count Inventory transaction.

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