Bank error in deposit amount

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Bank error in deposit amount

The bank made a 30c mistake in entering our deposit.  So on the bank feed I can't do the match and approve as their entry is 30 more than mine.  Then they have put through a debit fot the 30c error.


Do I have do delete my banking and process it for the wrong amount (30c extra) and then put through debit of 30c so that I can clear it from the bank feed?

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Re: Bank error in deposit amount

Hi @Karen251


There are would be two ways to deal with that situation:


  • Delete the bank deposit transaction you have recorded to the bank account, this will place the transactions back into the Prepare Bank Deposit window. You would then do Receive Money transaction for 30 cents - selecting to Group it with undeposited funds, which will place the transaction into the Prepare Bank Deposit window. To which you can then tick off the original transaction and that 30 cent transaction to process to the bank account. It would be a case of matching the bank transaction to that newly created bank deposit.

    You could then reverse out the 30 cent Receive Money transaction to match the bank transaction where the bank has corrected the error.

  • Leave the original bank deposit in place, record a Receive Money transaction directly to the bank account. You would then go to Reconcile Accounts, tick both the original transaction and the adjustment to be marked as cleared as part of your next reconciliation.  To deal with the bank feed transaction you would right click and select Hide Transaction, which will hide it from view.

Do let us know how you get on and if require further assistance.

Kind Regards,
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Re: Bank error in deposit amount

Thanks Steven, I probably cheated.  My banking was right, it was the bank who entered the wrong figure and then did the adjustment SO I didn't make any other entries.  I just marked my deposit on the Bank Rec and ignored their entries.


  I didn't realise when I wrote my post that you could hide entries on the bank feed so I just hid the two entries from the bank and all is well with the world!!!


Thanks for your feed back.




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