Company Data Auditor - Inactive Bank Accounts

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Company Data Auditor - Inactive Bank Accounts

Could you please provide a suggestion for not having inactive bank accounts display in the Company Data Auditor?


It has been previously suggested that we change the account type from Bank / Credit Card to Other Asset / Other Liability - this does not work as there are cheques / deposits on the file.


Another suggestion was to add ZZZ in front of the account name - whilst this makes it obvious that it is an inactive account, it still displays in the list (& not at the bottom of the list as the list is in Account Number order). Changing the Account Number does move it to the bottom of the category, but there are still active Credit Cards in the list below the Inactive Bank Accounts.


I'm hoping for an option that ensures that 'inactive' accounts do not display....

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Re: Company Data Auditor - Inactive Bank Accounts

Hi @RemaxExtreme


Currently, the Company Data Auditor>>Account Reconciliation will show all bank/credit cards in the company file. This will include inactivate accounts. 


If you would like to see the option to remove an account for the Account Reconciliation window in possible future updates to the AccountRight range I would recommend showing your support for Company Data Auditor: Account Reconciliation - Option to remove an account on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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Re: Company Data Auditor - Inactive Bank Accounts

@RemaxExtreme @Steven_M




I also find this feature annoying.


Sometimes, I wonder why MYOB would setup things the way they do.

If it is a easy fix, it should be fixed without the need to put it on a Ideas board.


The recent Partner Connect mentioned that MYOB held an Ideas Day in Melbourne.



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