Import Card Employee Cards Error -2603 Banking information is incomplete

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Import Card Employee Cards Error -2603 Banking information is incomplete

Please advise how to avoid the above error and proceed with updating the employee card information?


Our Goal

To 'Update Existing Data' , except banking data for employees.

We have a list of employee data, which excludes banking information.



1. Match All

This overrides the banking details so all employees default to 'Cheque' instead of electronic


2. Deselect all banking information

(From 'Number of Bank Accounts' to 'Account Name 3', and 'Payment Method')

we receive error -2603


3. Match All and deselect 'Payment Method'

we receive error -2603



We have many issues with the MYOB import process. Another big one is importing the Salary/Rate. This changes the 'Standard Pay Hours' to match the 'Hours in Weekly Pay Period'. If can can also import the Salary/Rate and keep the 'Standard Pay Hours' as nil. Please advise how to do this.


The whole MYOB import process needs work:

Eg. import a journal file and it works. import the exact same file and get error messages. We can adapt files to the way MYOB requires as long as there is some consistency.


Thanks for your help with the above.

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Re: Import Card Employee Cards Error -2603 Banking information is incomplete

Hi @TitanRec


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge


We have encountered in certain situations when importing employee cards the import error of 2603: Banking Information is incomplete will be displayed. This will generally occur if you are not selecting to import the banking information for that card.

If you are the wishing to update information for an employee card, such as pay rate, currently you would be needing to export out the following fields and import them back in as well (no changes do need to be made to these fields):

  • Account Name, Account Name 2, Account Name 3
  • Account Number, Account Number 2, Account Number 3
  • BSB, BSB 2, BSB 3
  • Bank Value, Bank Value 2, Bank Value 3
  • Bank Value Type, Bank Value Type 2, Bank Value Type 3
  • Number of Bank Accounts
  • Payment Method
  • Statement Text

Do let us know how you get in and if you require further assistance.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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