Job Reports (all Purchase Orders written as well as invoices)

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Job Reports (all Purchase Orders written as well as invoices)

Good Afternoon,


We have been using MYOB to do our purchase orders (after making a list of well over 6000 inventory items....) but it works really well and we are happy with how it is streamlining things.  



We currently run a manual job folder where we record hours worked on the job and materials purchased for the job so that we have a quick and easy reference for job costing.  What we would like to do however, is create a digital version of this folder.


Since we already have suppliers, customers, employees and our material lists in MYOB, is it possible to condense this information down into what has been spent on a particular job?  Our attempts thus far won't record a PO to a job until that PO becomes a bill and we also cannot get hours on the job to appear with the material costs of a job in one place.


Is there a way of doing a digital job folder through MYOB or one of the various add ons available without adding a lot of features that we do not want?


Thank you for reading and looking forward to hearing what other people have already learned.

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Re: Job Reports (all Purchase Orders written as well as invoices)

Hi @AAMetal


Yes the MYOB Jobs reports only report on "Actual" transactions, so once they are invoiced.


Please take a look at a similar post recently which asks about reporting on Commited costs also against each job -


I suggest you take a look at some of the Add- on solutions which will be able to help you to get the whole of the job out of the folder and into MYOB.


As an example our Business Intelligence solution  BI4Cloud includes Jobs reports that pick up both Actual and Committed costs and reveune against each Job. they also report against the Job budget, see -


On the Labour front our reports will pick up the $Labour against each job but currently we do not show the Qty of hours.


All details and a free trial are on our website

I hope this hleps.

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