Passwords access for recovered file

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Passwords access for recovered file

When i restore a back up file (successfully) - the normal administrator user ID and password don't work to open it! Why is this and what can i do to access  the restored files  -   below a little description of what i am doing
To explain as best I can:
• I saved a backup to the C Drive with no password.
• I restored (successfully I believe) the file to “My Library” giving it a new name.
• I select the file and click open…
• The login screen comes up with “Administrator” in the user ID …. If I type in my usual password (also the one I put on the back up file) it says it is incorrect (by the way my password is blank)
• If I change the User ID to my login  and my password my usual login – which I am using to access this years files everyday…. It also says incorrect password! Does MYOB randomly decide on a new password?
I would like to know how in my everyday work I am to get back up files restored so that I know what the password is so that they are usable. As it is the backups are completely useless. I have copied a lot of this problem from another person but I could see the solution the last time … If you can help it would be much appreciated


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Re: Passwords access for recovered file

Hi there @Compukeep,


The information you need to enter in at the login window is whatever the User ID and Password was at the time the back up was made (not what it is now). This is not something our software is able to change. We would recommend you perhaps speak to whoever was in charge of the accounting software around the time the back up was made.


In the event where you're not able to contact them, we do offer a password recovery service you can opt for. Please see our page MYOB data file repair services (click on Password Recovery) for further information. Note there is a charge for this. Do let us know if you'd like to go ahead with this so we can grab your details and process your request.

Warm Regards,


MYOB Client Support
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