Purging a financial year and backing up takes a very long time.

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Purging a financial year and backing up takes a very long time.

I was wondering whether someone may be able to assist.


I back up our MYOB everyday to our computer (not online or usb/harddrive) and it takes a very long time.


I am certain there is a way to archive old back ups that would improve this speed, however I don't want to touch anything that might cause issues with the current file.


Also, on the same note, at the end of every month, I need to copy the current myob file, save it as reports, and then roll the financial year to get accurate reports such as profit and loss year to date, and profit and loss with last year.


The rolling over of the financial year can take over an hour, freezes if I was to attempt to do anything else on the computer, and has caused many headaches in the past.

a) is there an easier way to get these figures other than turning the financial year


b) if there isn't, is there any way to speed this process up?



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Re: Purging a financial year and backing up takes a very long time.

Hi @ChareneMPaper


I take it you are using Classic MYOB (v19). Sounds like you must have a very large file - check size under Company Data Auditor from the Accounts command centre.


What I would recommend is to Optimise your file. This is a process that rebuilds your file into a new copy and in the process gets rid of old copies of records. As a result this can significantly reduce your file size (esp if you have not done this for awhile).


FYI never Optimise or Start a New Financial Year over a network. If the file is on a server or another computer, copy the file to the same HDD that MYOB is installed on and run it from there.


Backing up is simply a zipping process, so this should take seconds, not minutes, unless you are first 'checking for errors'. This part can take awhile if you have a large file, but not the backup itself. FYI archiving old backups will not affect the backup speed.


As for starting a new financial year etc, depends on what you are trying to do. Check the current financial year under Setup > Company Information. If this shows 2016, then you can generate financial statements for 2015, 2016 or 2017. MYOB will only compare the current financial year with the previous financial year. Once you have had your tax matters attended to for the 2016 FY, and entered all transactions for 2016, you can rollover to 2017 permanently.


Please explain if there is some other reason why you can't rollover permanently so the current financial year shows 2017, or which year's figures you are trying to get. 


Rollover and purging can take a while, however if your file is first optimised this can speed it up. While MYOB may seem to freeze, in most cases it doesn't, the screen simply fails to update and you may receive a 'not responding message' - if you switch over to where you can see the company file in a File Explorer window you will see the file size changing periodically as MYOB is updating every transaction in the file. Alternatively you can check the CPU usage under Task manager to check that MYOB is still using the CPU.


Hope this helps





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