Undo a Bank Reconcilation

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Undo a Bank Reconcilation

I made an error in our January  & February Bank Reconciliation (It reconciled but I allocated the transaction to the incorrect account) - which I have only become aware of now that I am completing the BAS


This period has now been locked.


Please will you advise what the the consequences are if I undo the bank reconcilition and start again. (It appears as though there are many fromt he warning that is popping up).


I have reconciled March - but have not locked this period.


Thank you.

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Re: Undo a Bank Reconcilation

Hi @Debbiesap


When you undo a bank reconciliation, all reconciled transactions will become unreconciled. For example say I reconciled all transactions in April, I now decided that it was incorrect and want to go back to before I reconciled I can undo that reconciliation for April to make those transactions unreconciled to reconcile again.


Ideally you shouldn't be undo reconciliations as it basically means undoing what you have previously stated is correct and therefore the undo reconciliation function should be taken sparing and on a must need basis.


I would recommend if you do need to undo a reconciliation that you take a backup of the company file before performing that 'unreconciliation'.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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