Warning – watch out for fake invoice emails pretending to be from MYOB

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Warning – watch out for fake invoice emails pretending to be from MYOB

Hi all


We’ve learned that some clients have received emails containing fake invoices that direct people to a website where malware may be installed on their computer.

Here's an example of what one of these fake emails looks like.

(Note that it was sent from noreply@myob-australia.com or noreply@myobaustralia.org or noreply@myobnetwork.com or noreply@financialaccountant.info or another non myob.com email address, and shows a non-MYOB link when you hover over the link)



Here's what a real MYOB email looks like.:

(Note that it was sent from AccountRight@apps.myob.com and hovering on the link shows that it starts with http://links.apps.myob.com )




We strongly recommend not clicking on links in messages that come from strange or unrecognised email addresses. We’d also like to remind people to ensure they have good anti-virus protection installed, make sure their software is up-to-date and they have firewalls in place.


We have alerted the relevant authorities about this scam and we are actively working with them to block the websites in question.


Here are some tips to protect yourself against fraudulent emails:

  • Only open emails from email addresses that you trust. Legitimate invoices from MYOB small business products will only come from accountright@apps.myob.com or noreply@apps.myob.com
  • Check that any links are valid before clicking on them. Links from genuine MYOB emails to external sites will always start with links.apps.myob.com.
  • Ask yourself if you expected to receive the email.
  • Check it against previous emails from the same company. Does the email address, design and style of writing match what you usually receive?
  • Use common sense. If you’re not sure, use an external method of communication (such as a phone number from the company’s website) to contact the company that sent the email.

 If you are unsure whether an email message from MYOB is genuine or if you’d like further clarification, you’re welcome to post on the MYOB Community Forum.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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