2016.03 New Sign in window - save the email address!

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2016.03 brings a new logon screen.

Ok cool that you can stay signed in for 12 hours.

But annoying that I have to enter my email address every morning - why can't this be saved?

I don't see it as a security risk.

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Do you know if your software developers will be looking into this over the Xmas break? As you can see from the comments this is a very time consuming way to access our MYOB File and pretty pointless really.


I think if you need more security make a pin ( 4 Numbers) as this would still be secure and would take alot less time to keep entering constantly.


I hope to see this changed in the New Year to either the old log in or a more easier and quicker way rather than entering your full details over and over

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight 2016.3 new login process

From today your email address will be automatically remembered, so you will only need to enter a password when logging in. You will need to enter your email address manually the first time you sign in today, then it will be remembered.

Please note that if you manually sign out from AccountRight i.e. select Log Out in the Library Browser the email address will not be remembered.

Rest assured that we've taken on board your feedback and the many suggestions we've received on the Community Forum, and will continue to update the sign-in experience in the new year. 

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This is great news.

I didn't expect so much support from fellow MYOB users, and glad that MYOB have listened and made this correction so promptly.

@Steven_M - do you have "Test" groups, that start using updates before they are publicly released, and could have given you this feedback before upsetting so many users?


Thanks and Merry Christmas,


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Good job Trav9999 for starting this conversation, how awesome to get such a fast response from the MYOB team.

Have a great Christmas and thanks

Jodie-Anne Barlow

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There is very valid reason to have the security of the new version 2016.3.  As a MYOB partner imagine if someone hacked into your PC  and opened up various MYOB client files......have a hard think about the damage that could be done.    I don't save any of my passwords anymore the risk is too high.   Yes a pin would be nice but that can easily be hacked as well.   My password is about 15 characters long with capitals and symbols - I don't want to put my clients at risk - do you?   

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Please go back to past version allowing log in details to be remembered on my computer, both email and password!!!

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We agree this is much more time consuming especially with multiple users.   Can the email and password be saved with Lastpass?

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The heading of MYOB Latest email  states

We agree this is much more time consuming especially with multiple users.   Can the email and password be saved with Lastpass?

Can MYOB please answer the question how we can save in Lastpass - especially as you now agree it is a problem

Many administrators are not ligging in every 24 hours  - let alone 12 hours

It appears the majority of users are complaining nabout MYOB programmers unilateral decision to force this upon us

Please put it right ASAP


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MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @AustVinegar & @Hewey


My understanding on reading about LastPass is that commonly used Internet Browser's rather than desktop applications. As AccountRight is a desktop application that allows for cloud access its not a Internet Browser's application. In saying that I can see that LastPass does have an desktop application function for Premium users, from my understanding and brief testing it doesn't allow for the password to come through with AccountRight. However you can select to add it AccountRight as an application and copy it through via the copy option.


To my knowledge at this stage we don't have any immediate plans to integrate AccountRight with password applications such as LastPass. It may be something that we look into for the future with the AccountRight API or through other means but not something at this stage we are actively looking into.

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Are Myob able to bring back the option to remember password as well. 


I have clients that want to use MYOB in the cloud so we as bookkeepers and accountants have access to the file anytime. 


However they do not want their staff to have access to the files from home. Therefore they do not require the email address and password to login. the feature in 2016.2 remeber login has been removed and we need the option to have it back again for security purchases. This poses as a security risk to companies that staff can access the data file from home.