2016.03 New Sign in window - save the email address!

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2016.03 brings a new logon screen.

Ok cool that you can stay signed in for 12 hours.

But annoying that I have to enter my email address every morning - why can't this be saved?

I don't see it as a security risk.

Current Status: Implemented

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight 2016.3 new login process

From today your email address will be automatically remembered, so you will only need to enter a password when logging in. You will need to enter your email address manually the first time you sign in today, then it will be remembered.

Please note that if you manually sign out from AccountRight i.e. select Log Out in the Library Browser the email address will not be remembered.

Rest assured that we've taken on board your feedback and the many suggestions we've received on the Community Forum, and will continue to update the sign-in experience in the new year. 

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This has to be the most frustrating feature. What is the point of having different user IDs with different access levels when you have to give everyone the main password to log into MYOB? What happens if I am sick for a few days? Does that mean no body can access to even generate a Tax Invoice?


I can appriciate the move to have better security but an OPT OUT (in the form of Stay signed in) would be great. I have plenty of security measures in place to stop any random person getting this far on the machines. 

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2016.03 New Sign in window 


Its really annoying have to log in everyday!!!!!!!!

When i use 2016.2 was good no security reason

But this 2016.3 sign in make me to switch to other software...

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Hi @AshGee,


If you have set up different user IDs, then they can log in to the company file using their own user ID and password, so that they won't need to rely on your log in details to access the file. If it's an online company file, each user can log in online with their individual email address as well. This user settings aspect is unchanged going from 2016.2 to 2016.3.


As mentioned by Steven, we currently looking into options at obtaining an appropriate balance between convenience and security. Thank you for your vote and comment, we will pass it on to our developers.

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1. Can you revert color scheeme to 2016.2 , or a lower brilliance of old scheme

The white background on 2016.3 is overwhelming and ive turned down my PC screen brilliance - but this affects other applictaions - so is a nuisance

2. Now we cannot save password overnight , and have to add to our long list of passwords

     2016.2 was fine. However if you want to improve securirt - force user to change every 6-8 weeks


Ive asked several other users , and they all say the same 2 problems


Thanks Alan

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Trav9999 wrote:

2016.03 brings a new logon screen.

Ok cool that you can stay signed in for 12 hours.

But annoying that I have to enter my email address every morning - why can't this be saved?

I don't see it as a security risk.


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If it is absolutely necessary to sign in every day, why not simplify the process. To sign in to the mobile app on my phone I only need enter a pin number. Some of the major banks only require the use of a pin to sign onto their mobile apps. I would consider security over my actual banking log in to be more important than my accounting program. A pin is not as time consumimg. As a 1 finger typer, entering my email adress and password all the time is time consuming and a pain.
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 I agree MYOB, in your efforts to move things forwards you keep taking thing backward.

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We have four staff that use MYOB everyday. Normally we don't update to the latest version straight away, we give it a little while to see what issues come up. I missed this login issue and wished that I had stayed on the previous version as long a possible. The number of login details administration staff need these days can become overwhelming especially when the option to saved details is taken away. Please revert to the previous setup where individuals can choose to have their details remembered.

It would be interesting to know what prompted the change. Was there a lot of complaints about unauthorised access? If that was/is the case it would be good to learn the details to see if it was the software or the user and whether we (and other users) have a similar risk.

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Clearly this is a frustration for many users. How long does it take or how many dissatisfied users have to comment before MYOB move on something like this? I hope when I return from Christmas that I see a new update and the issue is resolved!

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I was surprised to find this feature. Very annoying for clients also who prefer the permanent login. I'm advising clients not to upgrade until this has been resolved.

Also not keen on the new look - sorry. I've just moved two clients from version 19 to live and they have are just getting used to the 2016.2 look. "Mature" clients aren't keen on frequent changes.