2016.03 New Sign in window - save the email address!

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2016.03 brings a new logon screen.

Ok cool that you can stay signed in for 12 hours.

But annoying that I have to enter my email address every morning - why can't this be saved?

I don't see it as a security risk.

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Why doesn't the email address remain stored in the login details of the new update, 2016.3?


Whose bright idea was that?

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Seriously - no login details to be saved!! This is rediculous and annoying. Password I can accept as a worst case scenario, but email address as well it's just crap.  This needs updating sooner rather than later please.

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totally agree. dont mind entering my password every time but not the email address. email addresses are common knowledge anyway so i dont see the drama in having it stored.

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Totally agree

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I'm also very frustrated at having to log in every single time I now go into MYOB.


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I am also very interested in seeing how this can be changed as it is very irritating that every person in my office has to do this now along with myself. Being the boss i like to sign them into the file without them knowing the password ect and then have them sign into there own user.


With this new release i now have to let them know the password or i have to do it for 5 different computers everyday.


Surely there is a fix for this and hopefully someone from MYOB will answer very soon.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea

As has been indicated a change was made with the release of AccountRight 2016.3 to move to a more secure log in feature. As part of this feature currently users are required to enter their AccountRight Live login details including their username/email address and password when opening a company file.

This is the first initial stage of the new AccountRight Live Login process and we currently looking into options available to look at obtaining an appropriate balance between convenience and security

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Hello @FrenchlineInd

I understand the frustration that you have with the login. I assume that you have a generic or perhaps only one email address and that is what you use.

Do your staff have their own email addresses or can you setup additional ones under your ISP access? If so then I suggest that separate my.myob logins be created for these email addresses, with a different password to that you use as the boss. this will help to maintain security.



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Agree a very annoying aspect, please revert to the old system