2016.3 - Command Centre - Bring back the 2016.2 icons, please !

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Inb the new 2016.3, the Command Centre icons are harder to see (if like me, you wear reading glasses), downright dull and boring - hard if you have to work in AccountRight all day, as I do. I like the realistic icons in 2016.2 - they made the day a bit brtighter. Surely we don't have to be slaves to Xero ?   Also, these "New Idea" input boxes, with their very faint grey text on a bright white scree, are very hard to read, for those of us over 40 who wear reading glasses. Makes parts of AccountRight hard to use. (Kym Y, 66 in Darwin)

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To log into the new Accountright 2016.3 you have to type your whole email address every time you login!! I am happy to type my password if need be but surely the email can come up automatically??

I also don't like the new "fresh" look. The older version was a lot nicer to look at!

Really MYOB why do you keep going backwards!!

And you still have not added the WIP button!!

Give us the functionality we need - there are plenty of competitors out there!! You are losing market share - maybe you should ask yourselves why???

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The new Accountright 2016.3 upgrade has just taken MYOB back a step. Why doesn't the login save at least  the email address its just a time waster to have to type the whole address in each time.

The new look is a bit generic its like the home brand at Woolies, looks cheap, I liked the colourful icons. 

And I am also waiting for you to add the WIP function back.

Please dont upgrade unless you are moving forward, We are getting sick of the backward steps.

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I agree with the above wholeheartedly! The new MYOB Platform is a serious downgrade from MYOB 2016.2.

I'm twenty-three, and even I struggle to comfortably navigate the icons on the home screen now.

The new look of the home page in MYOB is an eye sore; it isn't user friendly at all anymore, it’s overly simple to the point of looking boring (I miss all of the colours to be honest), and unless you want to willingly hand over your clients to the competitors, you need to do something to rectify this colossal mistake quickly.

I would also like to mention how extremely disappointed I am with the login process for the 2016.3 MYOB update. What used to be quick and easy is now frustratingly long.

Furthermore, the WIP button still hasn’t been added back.

Every time there is a new update for MYOB, our firm complains because of how difficult it is to update the program on every single work station in the building. This is frustrating enough in itself, but when the updates begin moving from progress to regress – such as what has happened with the 2016.3 upgrade – it is time to rethink your strategies.

Please take serious note of the above comments. This update is the nail in the coffin for our firm in terms of recommending MYOB as a product to our clients, and unless you want others to follow suit something needs to be done.

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I also have to agree wholeheartedly with ALL the above. The icons are hard to see, it looks cheap and nasty and it now takes us longer to log in having to enter our credentials every time. This does not help with the fact i am getting chucked out of the program every hour or so. I thought MYOB accountright was about making life easier for us - this is what they told me when EVERY 12 months the subsrciption price gets hiked up.



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HI Kym


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding the new look to our AccountRight 2016.3 command centre. I have taken the liberty of sharing your feedback with the team, so that they can get a better understanding of how our valued clients are feeling about the changes to our software.

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I'm taking time to adjust to the new icons too - a few days on, and it still hurts my eyes.

But why change them MYOB?

2016.3 seems to be a fairly minor update, but they've "freshened" the icons to make it look bigger than it really is.

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Further to Neat_Saw's post about the need to enter your email ID and password every time (unless you've previously ticked the "keep me logged-in to 12 hours" option).


The real log-on sollution appears to be:

- a "group" my.myob class and log-on, for public accountants, bookkeepers/ BAS Agents and their staff, plus Certified Consultants -  with the "keep me logged-in for 12 hours" option

- the former procedure for everyone else, with their log-on details staying on their computer


That way, visiting accountants and bookkeepers wouldn't have the risk of leaving their my.myob log-on details behind with a client - with potential access to their other clients' files (as happens with 2016.2 and prior versions). Also, staff in the accounting or bookkeeping staff would be able to safely share the same my.myob account. This is a common practice now, but it needs to be protected by an "accountatnt / bookkeeper / consultant" log-on class.


When looking at this suggestion, I recommend the AccountRight developers discuss this issue with the support staff & developes in the Accountants Office division, for their input too.


Kym Yeoward CPA ACIS
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Hi @Kym__Yeoward @Trav9999 @Mandy-15-nfp @gab_elizabeth @Neat_Saw @Julie_Stap


We received a lot of feedback about the security change in AccountRight 2016.3 recently, particularly around making it easier to log back in after 12 hours. Thank you all for your feedback.


From yesterday, we made this improvement so that email address will be remembered, you just need to enter your password to log in. Please do note that if you choose to log out manually, then you'll need to re-enter the email address.

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I would go even further and ask MYOB to make the 2016.3 MYOB Accountright Logo that sits on desk top to be a bold colour not white like pdf etc.

I don't know how much you spent on the new logo and who you asked but a white one for the desktop????? Please change!!!