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In our company, we have a large number of supplier credits to enter each month into Returns and Debits.  When it comes to applying these debits to purchases prior to making payments, it becomes a very time-consuming task to process each transaction individually.


I would really like to be able to select all credits for a supplier for the month and apply them as a batch against the invoices in the supplier's register. (If the box is ticked in Preferences, they will be applied to the oldest invoice first.)  This would save me, and I'm sure many others, a huge amount of time.  I'm using AccountRight V2012.

MYOB Product Manager Dan_Moulton
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Hi there, thanks for the feedback, you might need to clarify what you need as there is already a preference to allow you to do this. (Setup>Preferences and Purchases. "Warn if Supplier owes me money..."). Is there a specific reason that this doesn't suit your situation?
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Hi Dan

Now you've got me really confused.  My query has nothing to do with being warned if a supplier owes me money.  It is purely about saving time by being able to apply all debits to a particular supplier in one go rather than individually.  (Unless your Preferences suggestion does something else of which I'm unaware, as I always have it ticked.)

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Hi Elves,


When this warning is turned on when you enter the Suppliers > Pay Bills screen, and choose the customer the warning will appear.  You will then receive 3 options, one of which is "Apply Debits".  Pressing this button will automatically apply all debit notes you have for the supplier, starting with your oldest invoices first, and this is the feature that Dan was referring to.  

We were checking whether you were aware of this "Apply Debits" button, and whether it suits your needs.


Kind Regards,

Will H

Client Support.

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Thanks for that Will.


I've just tried it out and found the window you refer to.  However, when I pressed Apply Debits prior to payment, the system paid ALL the debits I had against the supplier, not just the current month's.  That's just plain crazy.  All businesses would have invoices and credits entered for overlapping months, but they can only apply like to like, ie same month credits to same month invoices.  So unless I'm seriously missing something, this doesn't help my problem at all.

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Hi, From memory this option also automatically uses the current date for applying the credits as well. Is their any chance of being asked what date you would like to use before applying?