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Hi, Would be great if when you logged into MYOB it would tell you if someone has had a birthday.  ie a Juniors pay rate then needs to be changed.  Very frustration when you find out a staff member had a birthday a month agao and you need to then to a back pay for the increased rate of pay.


"employee birthday - PAY UPDATE"

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I agree, birthdays are important. Plus we look more professional as senior staff, when we get things right

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Every other database I work in professionaly that colects birthdays actually has interface that allows birthday emails to be sent out automatically let alone remind me automatically that its someones birthday.  I too use this contact log but what a big hassle and such a backward way of doing things!!!!!  Come on MYOB web based software is just the start of your woes -  the simple features like this berthday alert being requested make you light years behind your competitors.

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I too would love MYOB to do something about a birthdays alert or an alert for apprentices yearly pay increase.  How hard can it be.. I have many times had to back date. Smiley Sad

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Hi I know this has already been up  but I do feel that is importnant that we have an alert button for birthdays.


I Have a compnay that employs alot of youngsters and when there birthdays come up and we do not give them a payrise we get calls to say that they have not had an increase.  I have over 50 staff in this compnay and it is very hard to keep up with everyones birthdays.  I feel that this should be looked at.

Please advise if you are thinking of putting this feature on.



Vicki Sarandakis

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Hello Vicki 

I would be using the Contact Alert together with the To Do list to manage this.

see this MYOB Support Note

cheers David 

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Hi MYOB, given all the FairWork pressure and compliance, we really need a system to notify us of an employee's birthday. Not just for wage increases but also <18 years = no super unless 30 hours and week going to being >18 years.


Is this being addressed?


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You can use the Contact Log on the Employee Card to set a date, prior to their birthday or on the day, whatever you like, to remind you that it is their bithday.


When you set the reminder for a particular date, the reminder will appear in the ToDo list.


I use this feature for absolutely everything that I need to remind myself of like update to pay rates for apprentices, birthdays, performance reviews, end of probabionary periods, remider to get HR forms returned such as TFND, Super Choice, Personal Details Form etc.


Contact logs are available in all card types with the ability to add a reminder to flag at a specified date set by you and the reminders will apepar in the ToDo list. Used for debt collection reminders for Customers as well.


Don't forget to set your Preferences to have the ToDo list appear on login.


A must use feature.  Part of the MYOB Classroom Training in the Advanced Processed class.

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@VickiSThanks for your suggestion. A good work around but still another entry and something else to manage whereas my preference would be that all I'd have to do is set up the employee's card.



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Hi @KLPI  if it were me I would try to use the contact log for reminders for Staff Birthdays refer