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Hi, Would be great if when you logged into MYOB it would tell you if someone has had a birthday.  ie a Juniors pay rate then needs to be changed.  Very frustration when you find out a staff member had a birthday a month agao and you need to then to a back pay for the increased rate of pay.


"employee birthday - PAY UPDATE"

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It would be great if MYOB would remind the operator when an under age employee had birthday so that the wage rates could be changed.

Also whwn an apprentice reached 2nd or 3rd year anniversary.



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You can set MYOB to remind you for Birthdays, etc.  However it wont popup a message box.


Click on the Employee - click Actions > Create new log entry.  Put in your description and the next contact date as the their birthday or when they change to 2nd or 3rd yr.


Then you can go to your to do list and it will show in there.



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I have been asking for years for a reminder for employee birthdays and anniversaries

The information is already in their card file and we should not have to enter it into another format

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Yes please add this function.

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Hi @Annie65


Thanks for your feedback in regards to this idea.

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 This is an oustanding idea! It's an absolute pain to update outlook calendar reminders when, MYOB should run a pretty basic pop-up reminder for Birthdays.


Even a simple, integrated 'plug-in' similar to how Wordpress offers, would be handy. 

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 Hello Kerryn @KLP

MYOB can be setup to do what you want by using the Contact Log in the Cards.

firstly in Setup / Preferences /  Windows select the option to Display the To Do List when opening.


Then open the employee card and open the Contact Log tab.



Now when you open MYOB or click on the TO DO LIST at the bottom of the screen you wiull be reminded of the birthday so you can change ther rate.


you could open it from here and change the recontact date to the next year.




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Every other database I work in professionaly that colects birthdays actually has interface that allows birthday emails to be sent out automatically let alone remind me automatically that its someones birthday.  I too use this contact log but what a big hassle and such a backward way of doing things!!!!!  Come on MYOB web based software is just the start of your woes -  the simple features like this berthday alert being requested make you light years behind your competitors.

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I too would love MYOB to do something about a birthdays alert or an alert for apprentices yearly pay increase.  How hard can it be.. I have many times had to back date. Smiley Sad