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I have looked through posts dating back to 2012 and beyond where people have been requesting the ability to have MYOB automatically calculate and (where applicable) add a surcharge for Credit Card payments.

I have the PayDirect device and need to re-issue an invoice to manually add an extra line for a surcharge to the invoice while the customer is with me.

Now that PayDirect Online has been released, a customer has the ability to pay an invoice with their credit card at their leisure, but I end up being charged for it without the customer even being aware. I have phoned customer service and was informed that there is currently no way of automatically adding the surcharge and the system doesn't do it. I am currenlty on the screen to setup PayDirect Online so have not tested it myself. The advice of customer service was to increase my fees to cover the surcharge. Not really fair on people who are not paying by card.

Personally, I would have thought this is something that should have been written into the software prior to releasing the Online component, or should be an option included in the online section that adds the surcharge to the final total prior to the customer paying.


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I would love to use the Pay Direct facility for my clients but at a cost of 2.2% of the transaction I feel this is just too expensive, therefore I would only use this service if I was able to add the processing fee to the invoice to be paid by the client.


In addition the average business customer would get a better rate from their bank where they charge on average 1.5% fee of the transaction.


MYOB should allow the file owner to configure their own merchant services into the pay direct option, similar to how XERO's Pay Now service works.


Kind regards Kirk

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Isnt this common sense? :smileyindifferent: PayDirect should've had this feature aaaaaages ago

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I couldn't agree more. I have a customer that I know wants to pay by credit card so I have setup direct payments online and can include the credit card fee. However I wont be enabling this feature on majority of our invoices because if a customer decides to use the feature on a larger invoice I wont be able to recover the fees and it is not practicle to add the fee to every invoice as alot of customers like to pay by EFT. This should have been a standard feature when the software was developed. Hopefully the developers will add it to the next update.

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We also support the request. We will pass the surcharge on directly to those customers wishing to pay by credit card rather than absorb this as our invoices are typically large.

We need a way to do this without increasing the value of the invoice in a way that then increases the surcharge and so on...

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2.2% is a very high merchant fee so my customers (school parents, for school fees) would not use Paydirect even if I could charge the fee, as the early payment discount I give is 3%. How about a more reasonable fee, like 0.7%, MYOB?

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I'm all for it.

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yes agree, our customers love this new feature but we need to be able to charge the surcharge especially on larger payments. Cheers

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Our clients will not use PayDirect until the ability to include a surcharge is available.

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100% required.
Should have been implemented upon release.

Oh, and a more realistic charge than 2.2%

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Why they wouldn't even consider this in the first place is beyond me - why should we get slugged with a fee and not be able to pass it on? 2.2% can be costly to small businesses if we can't recoup. MYOB need to address this issue for more people to use the system at its best.