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I have looked through posts dating back to 2012 and beyond where people have been requesting the ability to have MYOB automatically calculate and (where applicable) add a surcharge for Credit Card payments.

I have the PayDirect device and need to re-issue an invoice to manually add an extra line for a surcharge to the invoice while the customer is with me.

Now that PayDirect Online has been released, a customer has the ability to pay an invoice with their credit card at their leisure, but I end up being charged for it without the customer even being aware. I have phoned customer service and was informed that there is currently no way of automatically adding the surcharge and the system doesn't do it. I am currenlty on the screen to setup PayDirect Online so have not tested it myself. The advice of customer service was to increase my fees to cover the surcharge. Not really fair on people who are not paying by card.

Personally, I would have thought this is something that should have been written into the software prior to releasing the Online component, or should be an option included in the online section that adds the surcharge to the final total prior to the customer paying.


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Would definately give "Kudo" to these @yabb2u , @AlanT and @Korschy , when I read @Suja_P reply that just made me mad and shows that MYOB is not listening to their customers. What makes them think that they have any right what so ever in dictating to us how we run our businesses?


I completetly agree with you @yabb2u "Why should MYOB conduct a survey and ultimately decide if we will be allowed to charge our customers the fee that MYOB have charged us? Or does this mean that if MYOB's survey shows that customers do not like being charged the fee then MYOB will stop charging its customers (us) the fee? If that is the case then let me pass my vote right here and now - I think MYOB should not charge us the fee - drop the surcharge to us and I won't want to pass it on to our customers."

I am happy to pass my vote on too right here right now ... though I am not holding my breath with stats like these.MYOB - Ideas Exchange Screen Shot 20170420.jpg

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Thanks to @Suzi_Byrom for your recent post. 


I have given up on this as it is clear MYOB are just stalling. They want us to give in and accept. This entire post has been opened to give us an opportunity to vent. When I first raised the question I was fobbed off to this site and since then I have seen countless users comment in support. The survey is a joke and just another stalling tactic. As far as I am concerned MYOB have lost customer focus and so have lost my recommend.


I am not using their credit card service and have found other ways to deal with it. I am locked into MYOB for basic bookkeeping at the moment but I have turned several other new-start operators away from MYOB to alternative packages so I guess this issue is costing them new referral business from me at least.

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:smileymad: Tell me about it. You would think that the #1 most voted item on the suggestions forum would be the first priority thing to address...

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considering businesses have been allowed to charge the surcharge for a few years now I don't get why MYOB hasn't done something about making it an option for business owners.  Mpowered and now all the new options and not once anybody in your programming department thought that you should add a surcharge line???  Don't think you are in touch with how business works at all sometimes