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I have looked through posts dating back to 2012 and beyond where people have been requesting the ability to have MYOB automatically calculate and (where applicable) add a surcharge for Credit Card payments.

I have the PayDirect device and need to re-issue an invoice to manually add an extra line for a surcharge to the invoice while the customer is with me.

Now that PayDirect Online has been released, a customer has the ability to pay an invoice with their credit card at their leisure, but I end up being charged for it without the customer even being aware. I have phoned customer service and was informed that there is currently no way of automatically adding the surcharge and the system doesn't do it. I am currenlty on the screen to setup PayDirect Online so have not tested it myself. The advice of customer service was to increase my fees to cover the surcharge. Not really fair on people who are not paying by card.

Personally, I would have thought this is something that should have been written into the software prior to releasing the Online component, or should be an option included in the online section that adds the surcharge to the final total prior to the customer paying.


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Well said Andrew.  Not all small businesses are the same.  Some industries may not deem it acceptable to pass on the charge and some will consider it to be their standard business procedures.


And I like the idea of not applying when an invoice is paid within a specified time.


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Cheers mate! Sadly common sense rarely prevails with these larger companies.

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I agree.  2.2% is a lot of money to lose on credit card payments.  Definitely need automatically charge on top of the invoice payment.

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This is something that definitely needs to be implemented before we use it

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This service is of no use to me if MYOB is unable to automatically add the credit card surcharges to the invoice.  We make our clients aware that paying by Visa or Mastercard incurs a surcharge.  I will continue to use our banks merchant facilities until MYOB can upgrade this service to accommodate this requirement.

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I just got slogged with almost $300 in fees for this service and had NO idea there was a charge (as i was just prompted to receive card payments without them mentioning the fees) - i had a look and we're getting slogged huge amounts.  I wont be using this service again until the option is inserted.

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Is anyone from MYOB reading this???? All the comments so far are saying we, YOUR CUSTOMER, want the ability to pass on the charge that MYOB are levying to OUR customers. Are we ever going to see this happen? A comment from MYOB about the progress would be appreciated!

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I would love to use this service but need to be able to charge the transaction fee. 

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Hurry up and get this added. We wont use this feature until its available.


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Why offer credit card facilities if we don't have the ability to pass the surchage automatically onto the payee?


Currently we have to calculate this and add it to the invoice manually - which is painful for dozens of invoices.


I am in agreeance with @Radlam, lets get this feature done immediately.