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I have just converted to Account Right Live and cannot increase the font size. I have tried the suggested fix of altering the display size to 125% and the screen is then blurred, i have also tried altering the properties and the resolution, nothing is satisfactory. How about MYOB bring back the option to increase font size within MYOB itself ( this was available in Account Right Plus). Very difficult reading the small font.

Ultimate Partner David_Cree
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I completely agree. Please make it easy to change the screen font sixe as you could in the Classic versions. It is not really a solution to change the display size as this stuffs up other things.



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This has been a real game changer for most people I have spoken to now looking at moving to Xero or other software. When you are trying to just do an invoice or load purchases to NOT be able to see the screen clearly?? Why is it so hard to just make the colours of the different screens and font sizes so that your eyes do not have to strain? It is ridiculous that in this day and age we are going backwards in an online version and we cannot see or do things in an easier way. There are 6 of us using the new online MYOB and ALL of us are struggling with the colours and the font.

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This exact problem is why I am still running AccountRight Plus 19 and haven't upgraded.. 2 years ago.. it was suggested I change the display resolution on my computer to accomodate MYOB, but that doesn't work for everything else.   Please implement this.