Hide/Remove/Suspend previoulsy used Payroll Categories for Employee when using timesheets

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I have some employees with 24+ payroll categories that I have to scroll through to use the correct one. Can't remove, hide or suspend as they have been used on a previous timesheet.

It's making processing timesheets very time consuming and increasing the risk of mistakes.

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Hi TMAC, I believe the usual advice is to rename unused categories to start with a "Z" so they appear at the bottom of the list. However I have "Kudoed" every feature suggestion I can find about having the ability to archive or purge old categories! Can't understand why this isn't available. I have found posts requesting this dating back to 2014 and it still hasn't been done, which is frustrating.

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Also would be great to be able to archive old employees so they don't appear on the employee cards list