Invoicing: adding a Payment schedule

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We run a business that requires a deposit,mulitple progress payments and a final balance (based an a percentage or the projects total).

On our invoices we have to manually type using "insert blank line"  a payment schedule for each indiviual invoice eg:

The deposit of $xxx is due on....

The progress of $xxx is due on....

The balance of $xxx is due on....


It would be great if we could have a payment schedule field that is separate from the details section for the required payments and their respective due dates with additional fields to record the date of receipt payment.


Or if we could create our own fields, using formulas similar to excel.


Also, If the payment terms can be customised, for example, we require the deposit on agreement, progress on approval of final plans, balance on installation.


Also, if the data fields could be accessed from  all invoice types when customising forms. For example, adding a reference date [refdate] option to the service invoices, or a shipping address field to the professional invoices.