MYOB to listen to customers regarding reversed or incorrect Superannuation Payments

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Here's a novel idea - MYOB, you need to take heed of this extremely important matter.  For over two years, we have been telling you that Superannuation Payments are incorrectly showing as "Pending Authorisation" when in fact they have been reversed or needed to be deleted, yet you have only taken the idea as under consideration.


This is a SECURITY ISSUE.  Someone can quite easily make an incorrect payment in this way, This leads to incorrect payments being made and an extremely messy ledger and bank account statement.  If I go on leave, what's stopping my offsider from authorising a superannuation payment that appears in the Manage Payments window that I need to delete but cannotThe other issue regarding these payments is the date that is recorded when made.  As soon as I authorise the payment (sending it to the Manage Payments window but not paid as yet), this is recorded on the Bank Register on the date I actually entered the payment, not the date it is paid.  A terrible accounting issue because when a payment is authorised at the end of the month, it is recorded there even though it may be actually paid in the following month.  This issue has gone on for far too long - what is MYOB doing about it and if it is still "under consideration", why? Why aren't you listening to what your customer base require from your software?


See these threads (the second one is the current one as the first one has been closed):


Please fix this URGENTLY MYOB



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MYOB please fix this ASAP.

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Requires an URGENT fix, over two years is completely UNACCEPTABLE

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Yep I can't agree more, I find it very disappointing that it seems to take MYOB so long to action any issues. Really is just not good enough.


2 years for this issue and about the same time frame with regards to another issue Re: Credit Card Surcharge where developers are 'currently considering the option of credit card surcharge' ... again another no brainer. As if business isn't hard enough anyway in the current climate that they wouldn't want to recover costs where possible. Please, if you haven't voted on that one then head over and do so.


I'm fairly new to the MYOB Community but I dread to think how long it will be before these and many other 'Under Consideration' Ideas (812 of them in total currently by the way) let alone the 952 'New Ideas' (good luck to those). I'm not a programmer but surely some should be reletively easy to fix especially the ones that pose security issues?


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To all readers of this post. Please vote for this BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY - go to the forum post


This is the oldest forum post I can find on this topic. It's important to vote against this particular post as the weight of numbers appears (from what I can ascertain) to be the only factor on whether this series of pleas will get the required inertia to warrant a much needed resolution. This sucks but it appears we have to play the game. Thanks.

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Totally agree confuses my clients needs to be fixed.

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THis does need fixing ASAP - I have several very confused clients who keep wanting to authorise the reversed transactions.

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yep agreed, almost tripped me up in the past.

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Come on MYOB !!!  This has seriously gone on long enough. There must be a way to fix this.  I have 2 payments that i had to reverse and they have since been paid but the PENDING PAYMENTS are still listed ready for somebody to accidently authorise you to deduct this money out of my account and pay the Super fund.  I can only imagine the trouble i would have to go through to convince the super fund that it was paid accidentally and please send back the money.  This is not the first post and request for this to be fixed.  THIS IS A LOADED GUN WAITING TO GO OFF FOR MANY OF YOUR CUSTOMERS. FIX IT!!