Recurring Transactions: Alert all users

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Presently, Reminder alerts are linked to a specific user ID - if that user is no in, the dates can pass without invoices being sent.


Apart from having the option to reminder a specific user, it would be good to have it remind 'every' user so reminders are not missed


"Reminder Alerts -  Alert everyone"

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System wide reminders would be very helpful where the bookeeping process is maintained by people job sharing - and employers must facilitate this if they can.


Two (or more) people may be responsible for the accounts - and as they do 2 to 4 days a week its not possible to give them a shared identity to receive reminders that they only use on their days in.  if the days overlap (as in my case) I need separate identities for both people - but they the dated reminders dont show on the date for the person doing the work that day.

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This is good idea so the manager of the accounts person/bookkeeper can be notified as well.

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Thanks for the idea xAndy. Having a system wide preference or the ability to notify multiple users of reminders is certainly a feature we could look at adding in a later release. We would like to gauge some demand for this. Please add a vote and any further suggestions.