Report: Job Profit and Loss - Header accounts to be included

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In the Job and Category Profit and Loss Statements, for some reason they do not have Level Reporting. The standard P&L does have various levels of reporting, but not the ones that for Jobs or Categories, not sure why or is there a way to do this?




 "Level Reporting on Job & Category P&L"

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When running the Job Profit & Loss Statement in myob, can you PLEASE , PLEASE , PLEASE include the Option of running it by JOB HEADER, not just Job Detail.  We currently have to Customise Reports and then remember to add any new detailed Jobs to it, otherwise they don't balance to the Consolidated report. Very frustrasting and time consuming and also prone to error. The information is there is myob but cannot be utilised effectively.

All other information that currently shows up in myob under the Job Header is Life to Date, Not Year to Date, and cannot be used to drill down into the individual transactions. The sooner this happens the better.