Spend Money vs Receive Money - window inconsistency

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For several years I have been trying to get MYOB to make these two windows conistent with each other. I gave up trying for this change in 2010 but am surpirsed to see that some 6 years later AccountRight has still not had this simple but essential change update facilitated.


In Spend Money, I can manually the PAYEE name and details (they can be random and do NOT have to be a card file account.


In Receive Money however, I cannot do this. The PAYOR has to be a card file account and cannot be a random payor. 


Just as there many times where I have a random once-off Payee, there are also many times where I receive money from a random once-off Pator. Spend Money allows this, however Receive Money does not.


Can you please adjust the Receive Money window to be more consistent with the Spend Money window, and faciliate a random non-card Payor.


Please refer attached JPG.

MYOB Spend + Receive money.jpg
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Hello Johny @JOHNNY_Consult


Why not just put the Payee/Payor name in the Memo Field?

Cheers David

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Thanks David,


However ...


The memo field is where I insert a memo about the deposit. I don't want to put the Payor in there for many reasons - I'd rather put the Payor in the Payor field (makes sense to me). I continue to ask the MYOB programmers to please provide a simple level of consistency between the Spend Monay and Receive Money windows in this regard.


Cheers, John.

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Create a creditor - cash sale account,????





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Thanks, yes, however then every random payment received will be from this same creditor account 'Cash Sale'. That's fine if they're just cash sales, but if they're deposits received from other ranodm payors, where I need the Payor recorded - then I should be able to do that, just as you would record the Payee in a random outward payment within Spend Money.


If it's good enough for Spend Money to have a random recordable Payee, then too it should be good enough to facilitate the recordng of a random Payor in Recieve Money.


Although there are some good ideas for work-arounds - there are NO work-arounds to replace this complete consinstency between the recording of Spend Money and Receive Money.

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How are we going for a fix for this long term bug / window inconsistency?