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Please MYOB 19.14 Users - vote to upgrade 19.14 to be compliant with Single Touch Payroll!


I have just got off the phone to MYOB regarding Premier Classic not being upgraded to deal with the ATO's Single Touch Payroll. As Premier Live Category reporting does not, has not worked properly since institution of Live AND MYOB has known about this fault in the program since 2015, what does MYOB expect those Companies who rely heavily on Category reporting suggest? Going to alternative software that does address bugs in their software in a timely fashion. One of my clients also deals in multi-currency which I am told developers are working on at the moment. How can we be assured this will work? Finally we paid MYOB several hundred dollars for extra files back when we owned the software. I have been told today there would be no cost at transferring to the live platform, but another question is for how long? MYOB Live charges on a file basis and at the last count one of my Clients has at least 12 Company files. This currently costs us $1400 odd a year. Converting to Live means we would be paying approx. $9,800 per annum for software that just doesn't measure up to the cost. Kind regards, Bronwyn