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might be ok for younger eye's, spare a thought for the older generation.

Why the hell has the ability to change fonts gone & window sizes. Now the only way to make this stupid program readable is to redoo the screen resolution,


Even MS excel has the ability to zoom, might be time to dump MYOB me thinks!!

Current Status: Under consideration

Reading the thread I think what this idea is about is making MYOB DPI aware so that the default fonts are readable. Is that right? Could you all please vote on this feature so we can rate it's importance relative to others in the list?

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Hi @DavidMcIntyre


Its great to hear that your fields are working better now on that computer. A change was made in AccountRight 2015.4 in terms of display on later operating systems and high resolution monitors to make values scale better. For more information please see The AccountRight Blog: AccountRight 2015.4 now available

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I've come back from a nice break over Christmas New Year but only being one week into the New Year and I've got eyestrain AGAIN because I can't read the d### screen  easily because the font is TOO small.


I've been reading this forum regarding font size and this issue has gone back to the end of 2011. If I had known this when I upgraded this financail year I would never have upgraded. We're now in 2016 how long does it take to fix a major problem - believe me its a major problem for me!


I'm tired of reading "Currently the idea has been marked as Under Consideration" as MYOB's response. If you value your customers and want to keep them (I'm seriously looking at moving to different software for the next financial year) FIX this issue!!!

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Hi @JudeL


Thanks for sharing your experiences in regards to display in AccountRight

AccountRight 2015.4 was released with some improvement in terms of display on high resolution monitors and computers running Windows 10. So the team are looking into correcting the display with updates designed to improve the display of AccountRight and how it appears.  At this stage we are still looking into future updates to improve the overall display however no direct time frame or release has been given at this time. 

For more information into AccountRight 2015.4 please see AccountRight 2015.4 now available

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Hi MYOB.  I have previously posted re this issue.

I agree with all the above.  I have good eyesight - recent eye test.  However at the end of the day when most small medium business owners would be doing bookwork, even good eyes are tired, and really struggle to see your small fonts.


I see that you keep saying that its been submitted for consideration.

Really - consideration - we should be so lucky.


This is a major issue.  Being able to view MYOB comfortably is a fundimental requirement.

How could your developers drop off the ability to scale fonts? 


I too have issues with buggering up other programmes on my PC with changing the default PC font size.


And I too am looking to move to another programme that doesn't have this issue.


Please have this moved from - consideration - to - URGENT - it's the least that you could do.

At this stage if asked for an accounting package recommendation, it's not MYOB.


David McIntyre

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22-2-2016 just spoke to MYOB tech about this issue and because I do not have a current subscription with them (owning the software is not enough of a cost these days) they want to charge $59 to fix the problem. Another ex client has just begun to spread the bad word about this company.


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I have just set up a new Samsung 4K computer monitor and when I open the MYOB AccountRight program, the writing is so tiny that I'm flat out reading it, eg in other words I really can't do any work at all in it, as everything is so small.


Any ideas of how to fix this problem?

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Hi @V_Oliver


Thanks for your idea. I've merged it with this similar idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

You also might like to take a look at Help Article: Fixing display issues. This does list some tips and tricks that some clients have found aid in the display of AccountRight. Please note that it doesn't work for all systems and environments.

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I got here from the forums when trying to find a fix.  So this has only been an issue for the last 5 years.  Can I suggest that the minimum system requirements include MYOB quirky display requirements.  At least then they would be documented.  I don't know what screens I can and can not use and in what modes.


System requirements just say > 1024 x 768.  Well I certainly have that - but it don't work.

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In 2011 we were told that the problem with font size would be fixed soon, I am

still havingproblems trying to read the screen, this is not good enough.

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I totally agree. The font sizes on the tax invoices vary all over the place, giving a very unprofessional image/appearance for my business. The font sizes are far too small & cannot be amended.

There is no provision to change font sizes & the column width cannot be changed (widened or narrowed) & in the GST column, you 'GS' & undernrath 'T'. I note this has been under consideration since December 2011. Gee things happen quickly!