Session Timeout Bug Fix and better bug/update transparency

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Session Timeout Bug Fix and better bug/update transparency

There are an astonishing amount of threads in the community forums about Session Timeouts even when working Local, with the prescribed "fix" being the "timeout extender" (a config file change).


The fact is that in a lot of cases the timeout extender does nothing to eleviate the issue, and in some case like our own actualy seemed to make the issue far more unstable and unpredictable.


The lack of transparency from MYOB about bugs, updates and the complete lack of updates to fix these issues has me completely nonplussed, and I know a lot of other business owner in the same shoes.


A lot of whom have commented "If they had some form of transparency about acknowledging the issues and released information about their attempts to fix them we wouldn't be so frustrated and wouldn't be losing so much faith in MYOB"


I thoroughly suggest that information surrounding known bugs/issues and release of information regarding them being fixed is given far more attention than you currently give them.


Also an actual fix for Session Timeouts when running local on AccountRIght SE would be greatly appreciated as after months of no real fix and no transparency about one is leading us and many others to consider the move to other platforms.

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Re: Session Timeout Bug Fix and better bug/update transparency

Hi @BellsWindows


Thank you for your post

Sorry to hear that the timeout extender did not resolve the issue for you. The extender was developed to provide clients with timeout errors a potential way to extend the length of time between timeouts. Unfortunately, it may not work in all situations and systems. Some clients have reported this issue you are experiencing due to environmental factors, commonly around their network and potential dropouts. As such I would recommend taking a look at Help Article: Speed and performance tips and checking to see if the same thing occurs if the file is accessed locally.

In terms of known issues, we currently do not have any immediate plans to publish a list of known issues with the AccountRight 201x range

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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