Unable to open AccountRight file

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Unable to open AccountRight file

Current status: Solutions are available that permanently resolve this issue.


Microsoft has recently released a Windows security update that may prevent you from accessing AccountRight company files. There are now a number of options to permanently solve this issue. So here’s what we recommend you do:


Upgrade to AccountRight 2016.1.1  The easiest way to overcome this issue and maintain access is to update to the latest release of AccountRight 2016.1.1 on all workstations that use AccountRight. This is available now to all our customers with an active subscription, and will permanently resolve this issue. To access AccountRight 2016.1.1 please update when prompted in your software. Learn about the new features


If you’re unable to update to 2016.1.1, there are a number of options available:

  • If you haven’t installed the Microsoft security update yet and can open your files: Open each file, go to Help> Confirm Your Company file and follow the onscreen instructions to confirm them online. 

  • If you can’t open a company file: Use the AccountRight Company File Hotfix tool to fix it. The tool has been enhanced so you can fix several files at once. See below for instructions on how to use it.

  • Microsoft fix: Further to the MYOB solutions above, Microsoft has also outlined a process where clients can solve this issue for all AccountRight company files on a system if the Windows update has already been installed. It is quite a technical process, and there are security implications with this fix that we recommend you read and understand before embarking on this path. The Microsoft Knowledge Base article with details can be found here.


Issue summary
Some clients get the following message and an "InvalidLicenceToken (100007)" message when opening AccountRight desktop company files:


Unable to log in.PNG



Run the AccountRight hotfix tool
If you can’t open your AccountRight company file or update to AccountRight 2016.1.1, you’ll need to run our hotfix tool to access to your file. You’ll need to run this tool on all AccountRight company files that you use. 


  1. Close AccountRight.
  2. Download the AccountRight tool.
  3. Find the tool that you downloaded and double-click it.
  4. When the tool appears, all files found in your AccountRight library (other than the sample files) will be listed.
    If the your file isn't listed, click the Server Edition tab. Still not listed? Click Custom Location and then browse to the folder containing your company files.
  5. Select the files you'd like to update and click Update selected files. When all files have been updated, you can close the tool window.
  6. Start AccountRight and open a company file that’s been updated.
  7. When the Confirmation window appears, choose to confirm the company file online and then click Next.
  8. When complete, close the Confirmation window. You can now continue working with this file.
    If you updated several files at once, you’ll be prompted to confirm the other files the first time you open them.
  9. If you have turned off auto updates for Windows, you can now turn them on. For Windows 7 and 8.1, see the Windows instructions to turn on auto updates. For Windows 10, see the instructions to change how updates are installed.

Note: If you restore a company file that was backed up before you applied this solution, you will need to run the tool on the restored file as well.

Kind regards,

Suja Pillai
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Re: Unable to open AccountRight file

Hi all,


Further to the above post, here is some additional information on the issues caused by the recent Windows update and how to overcome these.


Having trouble using the AccountRight Tool / Hotfix?

-  Please ensure that your file path and name do not include unusual characters such as % + - &.

-  Also ensure that your file is not marked as Read Only in windows, and that no other users or programs such as antivirus or automatic backup software are scanning the file.


Are you finding that AccountRight is printing blank pages since the Microsoft .net security update?

- Please use the link below to identify and uninstall the KB that is relevant to you.  



- If you'd like to avoid removing the Windows updates, you can choose to Print to PDF or XPS Document Writer.


Having trouble checking out your online company file?

You may receive the following error message when trying to check out your company file:


unable to chekout.png


- To overcome this, please Confirm your company file by going to Help >> Confirm Your Company file.  When the Confirmation window appears, choose to confirm the company file online and then click Next.


Unable to open Clearwater since update?

- There is currently no workaround for this. Our team are working on providing a replacement Clearwater file to overcome this.      

Kind regards,

Suja Pillai
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MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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