Upload MYOB File created by modifying an existing file

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Upload MYOB File created by modifying an existing file

I have created a new MYOB file for a different entity by taking a copy of an online file and making the required changes offline.  I can not upload the new modified file to the cloud as the offline file has the same Company File ID as the online file that is for the orginal entity.  I believe we have extra licences to cover more company files.  How do we get around this problem?




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Re: Upload MYOB File created by modifying an existing file



Hi Justin,


From your post, I amassuming you would like to have both the data files on the MYOB server at the same time.  If this is the case you will need to have two live subscriptions.


Even though your license may be for multiple data files, you still need to pay for each one that is hosted on the cloud server.  The subsequent subscriptions should be at discounted prices.  I would suggest talking with MYOB to confirm the precise details and arrange this. 





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Re: Upload MYOB File created by modifying an existing file

Hi @Radsby1


Firstly there are the subscription issues as mentioned by @AlanT.


That aside, MYOB will not allow a user to copy a file and use that as well as the original file - otherwise everyone would do it as a way to have 2 files for the price of one . Each file has a fingerprint, and a serial number and a file ID. Even if you were able to change the file ID, you cannot change the fingerprint and so MYOB will not allow you to Activate that second file with the same serial number. 


I have encountered this situation with another user who tried the same thing. Suggest you contact MYOB and discuss the situation - they might be able to change the fingerprint in the file.


There is a specialist company that can create an exact copy of your .myox file without all the transactions. Clients use this service when they need to start a new file (instead of exporting and importing) so I am sure they have dealt with this issue that you have. If MYOB can't help you, send me a private message and I will give you the company's contact details, they might be able to assist.




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