Auto Invoice Numbering

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Auto Invoice Numbering

Hi guys,

Really need help for my invoice numbering.

I am trying to cusomise my form so that the numbering is continuous and

goes up a number everytime i have an invoice. At the moment the same

number keeps coming up.

Do i need to type Auto # somewhere in a box when i customise a form.


Your help is greatly appreciated,

thanks in advance,


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Re: Auto Invoice Numbering

I gather you are using Accountright & what version? The numbers should continue on their own automatically... on the customised form i use it has [Invoice #] if you use a form that is already there some things you shouldn't have to touch like Invoice number text box. Customising the form i don't think is the issue with your numbers not in sequence... do a fake Invoice with the correct starting invoice number then create another invoice and see if the numbers change & stay in sequence?

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