Change default invoice number (delete the leading zeros)

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Change default invoice number (delete the leading zeros)

Hi guys


This has probably been asked before but what is the best way to change the default invoice numbering system please. We currently use AccountRight Plus 2016. 

Whenever we enter sales, the invoice number is always an 8 digit number; however, we only want the invoice to have 5 digits. 

For example, we try to create an invoice 00190 but it always becomes 00000190. 


I just want to know if there is a way to change this.


Thanks for your help Smiley Happy




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Re: Change default invoice number (delete the leading zeros)

Hi @jess_actc17


The invoice number field in AccountRight 2016 requires an 8 digit number. If a short number is entered i.e. a 5 digit number AccountRight will automatically add in leading zeros to ensure that 8 characters has been entered. There is currently no way to prevent those leading zeroes being automatically entered.


The only way that I can see you enter an short character number i.e. 5 digits is to add in a full stop or a alphabetical character to the invoice number i.e. if you are entering invoice number 15623 you could enter O15623 (O being the letter O). This will force the invoice number to be 5 digits (or 6) and not add in the leading zeros. There is a downside to this and that is that as you are not using the auto number sequence the system will not automatically update to the next number, as such this would need to be worked out to determine the required invoice number in the sequence. 

Kind Regards,
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