OCR poor results

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OCR poor results

I have the latest version of Account Right Plus.

Because i receive invoices for 2 different businesses to the same email address I usually drag and drop my PDF invoices into the In Tray.

I seem to get very erratic results with the amount of information that OCR picks up.

One regular supplier where invoices ahve been read fully is now not providing anything other than invoice number and date. When I select the magnifier for the invoice there is also nothing shown other than those 2 fields.

Is it known that the drag and drop function is unreliable?

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Re: OCR poor results

Hi @GregnDeb


There are a variety of methods for adding documents to the AccountRight In Tray, such as:

  • Dragging and dropping the document
  • Selecting Add Documents
  • Emailing the respective document

To my knowledge, all methods do use the same Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan parts of the document to determine key values for uploading and producing/pre-filling an AccountRight transaction. Those key values are:

  • ABN/Company Number - if this found and that number is in the supplier's card it will automatically add in the supplier to the transaction
  • Date
  • Tax-inclusive/exclusive

*Additional fields may be read but generally those fields are what the system is aimed at reading at this point in time.


Each particular document is different and therefore different values may be read on a document compared to another. While we are happy to take a look at the document, in terms of checking to see what is read on that document internally, we are unable to change what the system has already read of that document. We would only be able to look into possible fields that the system could read in the future.


In terms of the document missing values when magnified, if that was me in that situation I would be looking at unlinking that document, ensuring that the full document can be seen in the In Tray before relinking the document. If the full document is not shown in the In Tray then it may be a case of the document has encountered an issue during the upload process and my recommendation would be to delete and reupload that document.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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