Perpare bank deposit

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Perpare bank deposit

on 11/10 my Prepare bank deposit went through twice, so I deleted it twice.

now all the transactions related to 10/10 have disappeared so I can't enter it and its not showing in the bank account either.

How do I retrieve all the transactions and resubmit by bank deposit?

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Re: Perpare bank deposit



A prepare bank deposit takes funds that are sitting in the Undeposited funds account so I question how they 'went through twice'. Are you saying that when you created the prepare deposits there were two deposits for the same amount were recorded?

Deleting the Deposits should push the money back to Undeposited funds and you should be able to re enter a Deposit funds. You may like to check the balance on your undeposited funds account using the bank register screen.




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Re: Perpare bank deposit

In the end it was just myob having a bad hair day.

The first prepare bank deposit timed out and i thought hadn't gone through, as the deposits were still sitting in the cash draw, so I did it again, only to find the depoisit went through twice. I deleted twice, as I thought this was the best corse of action as didn't know which one was correct.  In doing so I lost all the deposits from the cash draw, lost in cyber space.

Myob team were unable to assist in a easy solution, quick retrieval, and advised to delete every payment rec'd and reenter payments as received to cash draw and then able to do my usual prepare bank deposit.

Time consuming and anoying, but in general myob works okay.


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