Receivables Payment Error

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Receivables Payment Error

A payment should have been processed via the Sales Ledger.  It was processed directly in the General Ledger so that the invoice is still outstanding in the Sales Ledger.


How do I amend this, given the transaction occurred a few months ago, and involves a GST component?


Any help will be much appreciated.



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Re: Receivables Payment Error

Hi @dartiemay,

The first thing you would need to find out is what financial year you are in and if that transactions falls with in it.

To find out what financial year your file is currently in, navigate to the Setup -> Company Information and you will find this at the bottom-right of the screen.


Transaction is within the financial year:

If the transaction is within the financial year your file in still in then you can just simply remove the transaction by deleting it and entering the correct type of transaction.


However you'll need to keep in mind the following things:

- Is the transaction reconciled?

- If I delete the transaction will it affect my reporting? (BAS/IAS/GST)


Transaction does not fall within the financial year:

There is will be two things you can do.

  1. Reverse the original payment and record the reversal within this financial year and then record the correct type of payment on the same date you have chosen. These two payments will balance when you do your reconciliation.
  2. Speak with your Accountant or Bookkeeper and ask how do they want you to record the transaction.

Relevant Links:

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Undoing a reconciliation

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