Sales Detail Report Quantity Unit

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Sales Detail Report Quantity Unit



Can I please have some assistance.


We are looking to upgrade from 2013.3 to 2016 however I just wanted to see how advanced the reporting is since 2013.3.  I have an issue in that when I select quantity field I cannot select show "unit" for this report.  I know I can run an inventory report however I need per customer not per Inventory Item.  Also can we now select customer address for this report ?  I run a report and I want to sort by suburb how the report has no option to show address.



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Re: Sales Detail Report Quantity Unit

Hi @MC76


In general the reports haven't had additional fields to the program since AccountRight 2013.3. I did know we did an update to add in some additional reports into the Plus and Premier range, which where previously available in the AccountRight Classic range.


As to getting the selling unit onto a sales report you would be looking at running a report that is solely looking at inventory or item based invoices. Personally I would be running the Sales [Item Detial] report as this information is looking at the solely the item based invoices and does allow for the selling units to be added using the Show Hide option in the Report Columns section of the Insert/Modify tab. You can get it to Print Card totals which will show you the card totals for each item. I'm not familiar with that will report show you the selling unit of an item on a customer basis.


Along with that more report don't allow for user to run reports based on suburbs or states. Most people set these values up as Custom list and run the reports based on that information. Help Article: Custom Lists would be able to assist with that process.

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