Summary of Hours and Material costs on a job

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Summary of Hours and Material costs on a job

Hi all,


We have begun to use more of MYOB's functions (eg. moving from hand written PO's to ones generated from MYOB).  However, we also want to movefrom the hand written job folders that we currently use, but cannot figure out a way of replicating the simple hours and materials that we write into the job folder.


What we want to be able to do is: pull up a job and generate a report that has all of the hours spent and materials purchased for that job.  Obvioulsy we will need to have entered this information in (we already do it for payroll purposes) and we do it for materials when paying invoices.  


So, is there are way MYOB can generate this sort of job by job report or is there an add-on program that is available that can achieve it?


Thanks for reading.

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Re: Summary of Hours and Material costs on a job

Hi @AAMetal,


A warm welcome to the community forum and I hope you find this useful.


Its good to know that you are eliminating all the manual processes and looking forward to using the features & functions available in the AccountRight software.There are about 12 reports that you can print for jobs and it will track all the transactions related to a particular job if you have entered your data correctly (allocated to the jobs)


I have provided you with a link that guides step by step to use Jobs. Please click the link to get more information. To set up jobs, assign expenses to a job, and if you bill a customer for reimbursable with a markup ca be found by clicking on these links. As you have mentioned that you are able to allocate the jobs in payroll so you will be able to get a report by hours assigned to jobs as well. 


There areAdd-on solutions found on our website as well that some people explore if they have extensive reporting requirements and are unable to get it from AccountRight. 


Below, is a Profit & Loss report by a job:




Hope this helps and do let us know how you go! If you have any queries and help needed to progress on using jobs in AccountRight, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help via this forum. 

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