The ID No. in our receive payments won't increase automatically.

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The ID No. in our receive payments won't increase automatically.


The ID No. in my receive payments won't increase automatically. I've been entering the next number in manually in the hope that it would pick up the sequence, but it is still reverting to the ID No.: CR000377. Becomes time consuming to keep having to look back on last receipt, to enter next subsequent receipt. I have looked over previous posts, with others having the same problem, and can't find a solution that works. Is it possible to change default (Auto#) setting?

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: The ID No. in our receive payments won't increase automatically.

Hi @tac72,


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge.


To answer your query; Receive Payments, and any other "Payment" type transaction in AccountRight, will need to have a transaction recorded with the number it generated automatically before it moves up the numbering. 

As you have become aware, entering a manual number into the ID field of Receive Payments does not mean it increases from the manual number entered.


IE: Manually changing CR00002 > CR00003 and recording, when we go back to the screen it still has CR00002. 


To permanently update this, we need to record a transaction to update the ID number.


Receive Payments and Receive Money use the same CR numbering, and we can create "void" transactions using Recieve Money, this means you can create $0 transactions between 2 asset accounts and this will increase the ID# to which one it is.


For example:

Receive Payments shows ID: CR000377.

But you want it to show as: CR000400


So we need to go to Receive Money, select an asset account in the Account allocation field at $0 with the N-T Tax Code, and click "Record" about 23 times. This will then make the Receive Payments screen show as CR000400 automatically and will not affect your reports.


To make the process faster; you could choose "Save as Recurring" on the first transaction and then use "Use Recurring" when you open the Receive Money window and it will pre-fill the information for you to click Record and update the ID Number.


I have been able to replicate this in my own AccountRight file.


If you have any further questions with the information above, please feel free to ask!


Thank you,



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