To Do List - Stock Alert Report

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To Do List - Stock Alert Report

Good day, wonder if anyone can assist.  I am trying to get a report similar to the "To Do List - Stock Alert" where it shows the three columns "On Hand", "On Order", and "Committed" - but at the moment the only ones that show up are the ones that have zero's in the "On Order" column?  I want to do a report once a week for instance where it shows all the products in the first column alphabetically, then what we have on order, and then what we have allocated to customers (sold already) - and of course a bonus would be a fourth column which would actually be an alert saying we are overselling.

Or is there an easier way - say for instance when I enter a product on a sales order and we are exceeding the "on onder quantity" that it gives me a warning?  80 percent of our sales are done in advance and on an upfront order basis. 

Thanks in advance ...

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Re: To Do List - Stock Alert Report

Hi @Tilla


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of helpful information.


Within AccountRight, one report that you could consider running to show the majority of that information is the Analyse Inventory [Summary] report. This report provides columns to show you how many items you have on hand, any quantities that are committed and On Order.


Do let us know how you get on with running this report.

Kind regards,
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Re: To Do List - Stock Alert Report

Hi @Neil_M - yes thanks I have looked into that report and it is exactly what I am looking for - I will export that to an Xcel spreadsheet and put in a formula to create a fourth column to give me the difference of what is available to sell, which will go into a negative I suppose if we have oversold (but hopefully we will pick this up before that happens).  Thanks again for your help ... love this Forum!

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Re: To Do List - Stock Alert Report

Hi @Tilla


As you say the Stock Analysis report that @Neil_M mentioned has all of the columns/information you need, however you will need to export and manipulate it a little to become the Alert report you need.


If you have a lot of items/transaction volume then you may want to automate this a bit further to save time.  Some of the Add-on solutions will be able to help with this.


As an example  our Business Intelligence solution BI4Cloud includes an Inventory report that includes:

  • On Hand (SOH)
  • On Order
  • Committed
  • Available
  • Minimum Qty
  • Reorder Qty
  •  Stock on Hand ( SOH) above or below Minimum
  • SOH above or below Available

See below. You can see both where Available is below 0 ( over sold) and also where Available is below the Minimum Qty.

See the Pool Brush, although the SOH is below the Minimum the Available is fine as you have a PO issuesd already.

All Inventory.png


To set this up as an Alert report you can:

  • Set a Filter to only report on Items where say the Available is below 0 or the Available below the Minimum is less than 0.
  • Save the report to auto email to you ( daily, weekly or monthly)
  • It will only email off if there are Items that fall below the set limit

See below the report Filtered for Items that have fallen below the Minimum.


Available below Minimum.png


All details and a free trial are availbe on our website -


I hope that helps

Jennifer Kelly CA
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Re: To Do List - Stock Alert Report

Hi @Jennifer_Kelly


Thanks I will definitely keep this add-on in mind.  I think we will be okay with the Xcel and all the formulas and conditions available to enter into the spreadsheet to keep us on our toes with the inventory for now though.  Will see how we go doing it this way.


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