credit card surcharge

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credit card surcharge

I would like to see a credit charge item added to the bottom of invoice outside the invoice line total.


This is from experience how I beleive it currently works


As an example $1000 invoice would get a 1.75% surcharge which is $17.50

Total invoice is $1017.50 as the 17.50 is added via a line item

So the bank charges 1.75% on the total of $1017.50 which is actually $17.81 or 1.781%



So how i would think it should work is on the card machine i add the total price of the invoice as $1000 and press credit then the machines adds the 1.75% to the total, totaling $1017.50  taken from the card of which i see the $1000 and the $17.50 goes direct to whomever gets the charge.


In no way do I want to make money off the card charge.


As I was talking to myob today they are suggesting that they are releasing a payment gateway where customer can pay via credit card etc.  So if the system automatically puts in the $1000 as the invoice figure then the calculation will be 1.75% it will take $17.50 off the $1000 so the figure I see is $982.50.


If customers want to pay via credit card I think they shuld pay the fee (1.75% above the invoiced figure) and I get the exact invoiced amount either way.     



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Re: credit card surcharge

Totally agree with suggestion.  It is a very important feature and I really hope it will be included as a part of PayDirect Online.  Please please please please please!

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Re: credit card surcharge

at the moment is a very manual process so if it can be done automatically it would be great!

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Re: credit card surcharge

Love the idea to pay by credit card, but i cant use it until a surcharge option is added please.

it is useless with out it

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Re: credit card surcharge

Please also be aware that although the PayDirect credit card surcharge is currently 1.77%, PayOnline is more.  From what I am aware 2.2%.  So yes when clients are paying by credit card, each device should be able to be programmed to set a defualt percentage as both are very different.

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Re: credit card surcharge

Credit card users are used to being asked to pay the surcharge.  Come on MYOB pretend you actually do business in the real world and fix up your programs so that the business owner gets the full amount of the invoice and you take your surcharge.  it's  all automatic and a lot of businesses that don't use myob have the ability to do it so how about catching up. 

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Re: credit card surcharge

Hi @NiTeK


As a BAS Agent and more as a consumer I need to answer on this one.


Merchant charges, whether the monthly charge for using an eftpos machine or the percentage they charge for the payment are a cost of doing business!


Build into your charge out cost!


Would you rather the person pay by cheque or cash as in the 'old days'???


If so, then let's consider that. 


You need to wait at least three days for the cheque to clear once your office person gets to the bank!


And while this employee is going down to the bank, and risking being robbed on the way, were you actually paying them nothing for that time?


In other have a SURE payment for the goods/service and you didn't have to 'sweat it' waiting for a cheque to clear, and/or pay someone to go to the bank to deposit the cheques and cash.


This is my BIGGEST bugbear with businesses, who try and 'pass' on this cost. 


Especially those that will only do it when you pay with an amex card.


Do any of you realise that Amex took their fees down!


Or is this just diregarded because everyone charged it so let's just keep doing it!


Honestly!!! Let's be serious about what should be charged and what shouldn't!


I will go to Store B if they charge me $100 for the item with no credit card charge, rather than going to store  A who charged me $101.75.


Business owners need to get into the "real world' and realise that some things are built into the cost!


Otherwise...I will give you a cheque....or pay from my cheque/savings account! 


Do you also realise that if I pay from my savings account /via eftpos you will still get charged a % fee?






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