Employee payment history

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Employee payment history


I'm new to processing payroll in MYOB and have just entered my first payrun.

I've checked all the reports and they seem to be right but I have a query on the actual employee card file.  On the employees card file, under the Payroll Details tab at the top, it has a Pay History section on the left which is all correct.  But there is also a History tab at the top which has each month listed and FY 2018 & FY 2017 - both of these are showing as nil.  Shouldn't there be an amount in the FY 2018 side?

I am currently using MYOB AccountRight Plus Online.

Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You Smiley Happy

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Re: Employee payment history



Welcome to the forum, I hope everything went well with your first pay run. I believe that the history tab has two purposes : 

- to record internal purchases by staff members

- to record sales made by that employee where their name is used on the sales invoice as Sales Person.


The Pay history tab is very useful (and very dangerous). If you have employed someone for some time before using MYOB payroll you can use it to fill out the previous months history. This will feed figures into the relevant reports for YTD figures and, eventually, to the Payment Summary.




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Re: Employee payment history

Thank You Ron.  This answers my question Smiley Happy

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