Can you assign employee entitlements to a job?

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Can you assign employee entitlements to a job?

I need to be able to allocate all employee expenses including entitlements to individual jobs.  However in the employee payroll process screen you are unable to select a job next to the entitlements.


Has anyone else had this issue?


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The ability to allocate a job to an entitlement

At the moment you can allocate jobs to base hourly, annual leave pay, overtime, etc in the Pay employee screen, however when you get down to the entitlements section there is no drop down box and no ability to allocate those expenses to a job.


This means that in order to keep accurate costings you would need to enter a separate journal entry for each employee each pay period to correctly allocate the entitlements expenses to jobs.

Surely it would be quite simple to update the program so that you can also allocate jobs to each entitilement?

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Re: Can you assign employee entitlements to a job?



There is nothing to assign. Accruals are hours with an implied value of the current hourly rate. Their value is realised as, and when, the employee takes leave. This can be assigned to a job.

Within any given job you can assign a charge that covers the accruals  as an on cost for the job.

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Re: Can you assign employee entitlements to a job?



Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge


Great to see that @ronatbas has offered some assistance in regards to your enquiry. Just to expand on that, jobs in AccountRight is intended to costs associated with Profit & Loss (Income, Cost of Sale and Expense) accounts. When an employee to accrues hours for an entitlement there is no cost to the business at that stage, therefore AccountRight doesn't allow for the user to allocate a job to the entitlement. It is only when the entitlement is paid out that expense is incurred and thus the job allocation can be added.


Do note that if you are tracking leave accruals as liabilities then you could have the job value associated with the expense of that entitlement but this job would be on the Journal entry not on the payroll transaction.

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