Error Saving BALSHT.XLT Report

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Error Saving BALSHT.XLT Report

When trying to save a Ballance Sheet report in AccountRight, we get an error with no error code.  We've checked permissions and all users have full access to the save location, and this has been tested by creating documents in this directory manually.  Please see attached image for error window.

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Re: Error Saving BALSHT.XLT Report



Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find this a great resource.


Generally speaking that error message means that either AccountRight can’t access that particular location or that the specified file in that location doesn’t exist. As it sounds like the former can be excluded due to being able to save other files to that location.


I would be checking to see if there is a template file in the location specified within that error message. If the template files are not there, then you could look at previous versions of AccountRight, all of which will have a similar path with the only difference being the version number in the path.


If you do have the template files in one versions Spreadsheet folder but not in your current version then you can just copy the templates and paste them into the AccountRight 2017.1 Spreadsheet folder indicated in the error message.


Do let us know how you get on with this

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Re: Error Saving BALSHT.XLT Report



When you select to export data out of AccountRight via exporting to Excel, AccountRight will pull through a Excel Spreadsheet template to put the data into. Generally these particular templates are stored in the Spreadsheet folder.

What can happen is that either the corresponding template is either not there or the whole Spreadsheet folder is missing. In these cases generally a full uninstalll and reinstall of the program is required to ensure that the Spreadsheet folder is added and the templates are stored correctly. For more information into uninstalling and reinstalling AccountRight please see Help Article: Install AccountRight.


However in saying that, in most cases the templates don't change between versions so you could try copying across the templates from a previous version i.e. 2016.3 across to the 2017.2\Reports\Spreadsheet folder (you may have to manually create the folders - do name them exactly as they are in that AccountRight message). Do make sure that AccountRight is closed before attempting that step. Alternatively, you could try copying across the templates from another computer i.e. your computer onto your colleague's computer. 

Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.

Kind Regards,
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