API generated orders not correctly turning into invoices

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Re: API generated orders not correctly turning into invoices

Thanks for that. Yes, it sounds very similar, and as you pointed out, unresolved.


Customer deposits is an account we don't use and it can be manually reconciled back down to zero each month, but it makes a mockery of my balance sheet until it is done. 


It wasn't a noticeable problem when we first tested it, but now we are converting all of our web sites over to using it, and we suddenly had no debtors and a huge amount of customer deposits, and as online sales increase, so does the problem.




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Re: API generated orders not correctly turning into invoices

Hi @OnSolution, I note that a similar issue was reported in January here:



There was no forum response from MYOB at the time.


I suspect that both your receivables and customer deposit General Ledger accounts are increasing, and you will need to create a general journal (Dr Customer deposits, Cr Receivables) each month for the sum of the incorrect deposit transfers.

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API generated orders not correctly turning into invoices

The API is used to automatically create an order in MYOB and assigns the payment. It must be an order because we can't guarantee the availability of the items.


When we manually convert the order into an invoice, we end up with trade debtors being debited twice, and customer deposits being left untouched. The end result is that our customer deposits is incrementing non-stop, and our debtors are plummeting. 


If I manually create an order in MYOB and pay for it, then convert it into an invoice then MYOB will automatically debit customer deposits and everything ends up correct.


In the API, the only account that is specified is the bank account for the deposit. 


If I view the manually created order, and the API generated order they both look the same to me. Transactions look the same. It is only when they are converted to an invoice that they differ in behaviour.


MYOB support are blaming the API and hence this post. 


Any thoughts?

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