AccountRight_ContactSample_PHP doesn't update

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AccountRight_ContactSample_PHP doesn't update



I'm testing the AccountRight_ContactSample_PHP on my local environment and I can connect to the database and read information from it however the add new contact function doesn't work. 


Am I supposed to do anything else to get updates to work?


	case "localhost":
		// dev api details
		$apiBaseURL   = "http://localhost:8080/AccountRight/";
		$apiKey       = ""; // not used in this sample
		$apiSecret    = ""; // not used in this sample

		// dev page vars
		$pageURL      = "http://localhost:8082/myob_contact/"; // URL to your PHP environment - I use MAMP that has 8888 as port

Do I need an apiKey and Secret for a local environment?

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