Invoice syncing issues

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Re: Invoice syncing issues

Hi @SimonG, try substituting %2B for the + sign, which may be  special character to odata. Reference list here.

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Re: Invoice syncing issues

Hi @SimonG

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a great resource.


I have moved your post onto our developer boards, so that our developer community can share their knowledge and help you get this resolved.


Please do feel free to post any other questions that you may have.

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Re: Invoice syncing issues


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Invoice syncing issues



We are using MYOB AR integration in our application. So far we synced our invoices to Service invoices, POs, or bills, but our customer asked us to implement syncing to Item invoices, POs, and bills, and we did that. However the customer is now facing two issues:


  1. When they try to sync a credit note, MYOB fails with the error CommonRules_DecimalMinValue. The price rate of the item being saved to the Inventory is negative, so this seems to be the cause. Does MYOB support negative rates?
  2. An item with the code "2.5MM2C+E" is successfully saved to the Inventory, but then, when I'm checking if that item exists using $filter=Number eq '2.5MM2C+E', MYOB does not find it, which makes our system try to add that item again and it fails. Removing the plus sign seems to help. Does MYOB support '+' within the item's code?

A small disclaimer: I'm a developer, not an accountant, so sorry if there are some mistakes in the terminology Smiley Happy

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