Using and Apple Mac to run Classic and NewAO

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Using and Apple Mac to run Classic and NewAO

I am looking at upgrading my 5 year old HP PC to use an Apple Mac desktop computer.

I am a sole practioner chartered accountant and use one computer.

Is is easy to transfer all the programs and data from my Hewlet Packard PC to an Apple Mac machine and then run MYOB AO New and Classic on an Apple Mac Machine ?

Any advice or experience regarding this would be appreciated.

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Re: Using and Apple Mac to run Classic and NewAO



Unfortunately MYOB AO can not on Mac OSX, as it is only written to run on Windows.This leaves you with two options:


1. Purchase a copy of Windows and run a virtualised version on the MAC, then you could have MYOB AO installed into this virtual. For example you could install: Parallels (paid), VMWare Fusion (paid) or Virtualbox (free).


2. Have a third party provide you with a cloud based virtual desktop, running MYOB AO.


To be honest, I'm not 100% sure if MYOB will support MYOB AO on a virtualised desktop within Mac OSX, but if you're determined to go down the Mac path, I would discuss the option with your account manger.


Just keep in mind this will be the case not just with MYOB AO, but any Windows only desktop accounting products. I'm not sure if that will be an issue for you or not.



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Re: Using and Apple Mac to run Classic and NewAO



@SB_Systems has pretty much typed exactly what I as about to type!  He's Quick!!


You can indeed run MYOB Accountants Office on a Mac, providing that its running Windows, either via Dual Boot, or inside a virtualised environment.  In effect, so long as you are running Windows, it's fine.


While MYOB do not support running MYOB AO or AE on a Mac (because its a Windows app) if it's running inside a Windows environment on the Mac, that is fine.


We have seen scenarios though where the video display resolution that is provided to the Virtual Host software (VMWare, Parallels etc) messes with the display resolution inside the virtualised Windows install - causing issues with software.  


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Re: Using and Apple Mac to run Classic and NewAO

Hi Thanks for your feed back. From what you say would a dual boot be a better solution than running MOYB in a virtualised environment. I basically use MYOB AO and then word for my documents. The main reason I am looking at a Mac is there simplicity to use and they seem to have more security. Am I correct in my thinking. I am not very tech savy so would appreciate your thoughts. Regards Kevin (RAVENCO)

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