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Additional Licence required on Windows 8 computer

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Additional Licence required on Windows 8 computer



I am currently using Account Right Plus v 2012 (Windows 7)and wish to download this  onto my new laptop (ie have an additional site licence) that has Windows 8. I was told by a sales rep that I needed to purchase Account Right Plus Live 2013 for $780($65/month) as this is the only version that works with Windows 8. Is this correct? I dont wish to be able to acess accounts simultaneously.


Thanks very much.

Experienced Partner pawalton
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Re: Additional Licence required on Windows 8 computer

I dont believe that is correct I would be ringin MYOB support on that one I am pretty sure that all the 2012 platform versions work on windows 8

Former Staff Will_H
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Re: Additional License required on Windows 8 computer

Hello Mema,

We currently have several versions that are fully Windows 8 Compliant, including:
AccountRight 2012.10 and later for the new platform.
AccountRight v19.8 and later for the old platform.

Exactly what version you are eligible to use is something we'll need to determine after checking your account with you, you can reach our customer service team on 1300 555 151 to discuss your account.

Please note, pawalton's advice is only partially correct. The original release of AccountRight 2012.0 is not Windows 8 capable. 

Kind regards,

MYOB Client Support

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