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Cannot send the report to excel

We are using Accountright19 plus and Ms Office 2007. When we open any report and click "send to excel", the error message pops up"Unable to locate the necessary files to perform this OfficeLink function. Please refer to Help for more information.


Does someone here help me to fix this issue?

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Re: Cannot send the report to excel

Hi Baskin,

Welcome to the MYOB Community User Forum. As a new user we suggest that you become acquainted with the useful information available in the following link:-

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Please refer to this support note for details on how to correct Officelink errors OfficeLink connection alerts.

Step 1 is to re-register the Officelink drivers

Step 2 is to enable Officelink Macros


Failing these two options, step 3 asks you to uninstall/reinstall your AccountRight.

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