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Capital Acquisitions

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Capital Acquisitions

Hi All


I am currently doing the BAS for a Partnership which has just started up in MAY 2011. They have purchased things like Computers, Blue Tooth MYOB Programme.Does anyone know if all of these thpes of expenses can be put onto the system under tax code CAP regardless of the cost.?


Thank You

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Re: Capital Acquisitions

See ATO website and check with you accountant


G10 Capital purchases and G11 Non-capital purchases

Capital purchases include things such as:

  • land and buildings
  • machinery
  • cash registers
  • computers
  • cars.

Non-capital purchases include trading stock and normal running expenses, such as:

  • stationery and repairs
  • equipment rentals
  • leases.

G10 and G11 require you to separately report your capital and non-capital purchases. If you already record these purchases separately in your records, use this existing breakdown to complete labels G10 and G11. If you don't record capital and non-capital purchases separately and your GST turnover is expected to be less than $1 million, then the following applies:

  • you only need to record capital items costing more than $1,000 at G10 (capital purchases)
  • capital and non-capital items costing $1,000 or less can be recorded at G11 (non-capital purchases).

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For more information about what is included in G10 and G11, refer to Goods and services tax - how to complete your activity statement (NAT 7392).

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